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Ant control needs a professional proactive approach. Ants are prolific breeders and an infestation can be extremely difficult to eradicate without the help and advice of pest control professionals.

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Ant Control Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

There are many species of ants and they favour a wide variety of habitat. They can cause various problems in buildings. For example, the carpenter ant will make its home in the wood of buildings. They particularly favour damp wood, and will bore through the wood rather like wood worm. The expertise of the professional pest and ant control company is the safest and most effective way of dealing with carpenter ants, as they have the training and equipment required to deal effectively with carpenter ants. Carpenter ants live in colonies can be as large as 10,000  and have several queens in just one colony. An infestation can involve several colonies and even several different types of ants.

Ant Control Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

Pharaoh ants are particularly difficult to eradicate and require all the skills of the professional ant control technician in order to safely and effectively exterminate the colonies. The ants can number in excess of 300,000 ants per colony.

The professional services of a pest and ant control company can identify the different species of ant and their respective habitats and lifestyles in order to successfully eradicate the problem.

Like wasps and other insects, if the nest is disturbed, the ants will swarm, and their bites can be quite nasty. Some ants have a particularly nasty sting which can cause severe irritation to humans. There are some people who have severe allergic reactions to ant stings. This can cause anaphylactic shock requiring hospital treatment and sadly in some instances this can lead to death.

Ants are known to be attracted to sweet smelling and tasting foods. Their natural foods consist of other insects and honey dew, as well as the sweet sticky waste of aphids. Due to their ‘sweet tooth’, ants tend to target sweet foods when they invade residences and businesses.

Some of the chemicals used to exterminate ants can be dangerous if not used correctly, and as ant infestations often occur near food, it is extremely beneficial to engage the services of a professional company in your bid to control ant infestations.

Like most other insects, ants prefer to be warm and have a plentiful supply of their favourite foods. Commercial food stores, hotels, hospitals and restaurants are all prime targets of ant infestations, but sadly so too are domestic residencies, pantries and cupboards usually contain plenty of sweet foods for the ants to enjoy.

The identification of the ant species and their habitat is something the ant control technician is highly trained to recognise, and once identified, the appropriate solution to the problem can be formulated and put into action. Many ant adults develop wings and become airborne which can add to the problems of infestation and contamination.

Ants also live outdoors and may have their nests outdoors and venture indoors just to feed, again the services of the professional pest and control company will be able to establish if this is the cases and implement procedures to eradicate the problem.

Ants are persistent insects and many premises benefit from a proactive approach to dealing with the problem. The professional ant control technician will advise on methods of food storage. If it is appropriate,  other preventative measures which can be implemented in order to keep the problem of ant control to a minimum. Many food establishments and other services such as hospitals have a proactive program in place, as recommended by pest and ant control specialists in order to reduce the risks of ant or other pest infestations.

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