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Bat Removal

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Bat Removal in Kitchener Waterloo and CambridgeBat Removal should be undertaken with care, and Kubassek Pest Control are considered some of the local experts in Bat Removal in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge areas.

There are laws governing the removal of bats and bat removal should only be carried out by a licensed professional bat removal service as some species are protected.

Many, if not most people consider bats to be a nuisance. However, they do provide an excellent service to the environment as each bat can eat 3,000 insects each night. Even so, bats residing in your house can be a major health risk that should be addressed.

Bat Removal in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge

Kubassek Pest Control are the leaders in pest control, extermination services, and animal and bat removal in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge.

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Bat removal does need to be carried out by a professional, both for the safety of humans as well as the bats. Bats are known to carry rabies, and although the number of rabid bats is very small, a bite from an infected bat could be dangerous. Rabies can prove dangerous or even fatal.

Bat Removal in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge

Bats do find their way into roof spaces, eves and chimneys. They only need a tiny space in order to enter a void. Half an inch is all they need to enter and set up a colony and a colony can consist of many hundreds of bats. Once they have established a colony, they tend to stay for years, breeding and increasing is size.

If the bats are in the roof or attic space of a house they can be a nuisance as they tend to screech, which is rather disturbing and young children canĀ  become frightened by the noise. Sometimes the first people know of a bat invasion is the scratching or screeching of the bats, or they will notice what they think, are small birds leaving and entering the eves of the building after sunset.

Bat Removal in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge

It is advisable to have bats removed by a bat removal specialist, as not only do the bats need to be removed but also their mess called guano. The guano is very smelly and the odour can be smelled throughout the house or building, as the piles of droppings build up over time. The guano is a source of serious concern as it can runĀ  down your chimney and run down the insides of walls and find its way into the basement. It can also build up in the attic to such an extent that it can rot the timbers and the actual ceiling allowing the guano to drip into the room below. The guano is also responsible for some serious illnesses including Histoplasmosis which is a fungal disease caught from the air borne spores of the bat droppings. There is also another condition linked to the bat guano and the air borne fungus from it, which can cause blindness.

Bat removal and the removal of their droppings called guano is a job for the experts, they have all the safety equipment as well as the expertise for carrying out the guano and bat removal project safely and efficiently. They are also highly trained and licensed to perform the bat removal.

Bats also carry fleas, ticks and mites and these can infest the property, adding to the problems posed by the bats. On occasion, a stray bat may enter the home or office having lost their way. They can drop the odd flea or tick, and will most often relieve themselves in the room. When trying to remove the bat, care should be taken not to get bitten. The removal of any droppings also needs to be undertaken very carefully to avoid any risks to health.

Bat Removal in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge

It is advisable to employ the services of a professional bat removal company as soon as bats are suspected, as this can save a lot of damage to the building and possibly to the health.

If you think you have a problem with bats in your house or business be sure to give us a call. We’re you local specialists for bat removal in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge.