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Rats, Mice and Rodent Control and Extermination

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Rodent Control in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge can be a problem.

The control of rodents has been a problem for the human race for centuries. The fact is rodent control in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridgerodents love the warmth, shelter and food provided by humans, so much so they are prepared to leave the wild and take up residence alongside us. In fact, rats and mice have spent so much time in the presence of humans, that remarkably few are truly wild. In a city or urban areas many rats and mice have lived within the human environment for so long that could almost be referred to as domestic animals.

Rodent Control in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

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The most common rodents are rats and mice, but squirrels, skunks, groundhogs and raccoons are also rodents, and can cause major problems to premises and the surrounding land. They are also a potential threat to health, domestic pets and humans.

Apart from the risks to health, rodents can also cause severe damage to property by gnawing through walls, wiring and floors. They will take up residence in wall cavities, roof space, beneath floors, out of the way places even in food storage containers or under machinery or appliances. They are not restricted just to commercial premises, they will take up residence in homes, hospitals, theatres, sports venues, and schools. In fact, they’ll live anywhere that they can find shelter and food.

Rodent Control in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

Rats and mice will often make their nest is soft furnishings such as  chairs, cushions, beds or sofas and even clothing and shoes, and will gnaw through carpets, clothes and soft furnishings for material to build and furnish their nests.

The mammal rodents also carry the real risk of serious disease, which is why rodent control is so very valuable. They will urinate and defecate as the need take them, not only does this cause a problem with fouled odour it is also a serious health hazard.

Mammal rodents also have fleas and ticks, which can also cause problems with infestation and the bite from these fleas and ticks can cause serious health problems for humans. Most mammal rodents will, if cornered either accidentally or deliberately, attack either the human or the domestic pet which has trapped them, the results of such a bite or scratch can be devastating.

For commercial properties and places such as hospitals, rodent control can be on on-going problem, which is why a proactive approach for rodent control is advisable. Rather, much like humans, rodents are always on the lookout for bigger and better accommodation, so once one family of rodents is evicted from a property the next group see it as the ideal opportunity to take up residence and so the problem continues.

Rodent control isn’t just about rats, mice and other mammals. Certain insects are also considered to be pests. Insects such as cockroaches and ants can cause havoc. Again the proactive rodent control approach to these pests is the only real solution to the problem. Professional pest and rodent control companies will offer comprehensive services to protect from mass invasions of pests and rodents.

Rodent control involves the constant monitoring of the premises for any sign of rodent activity with prompt and swift action to eliminate any potential hazard before it can get out of hand.

Hiring the services of a professional pest and rodent control company is the safest and quickest way of ridding premises of rodents and pests. The professional pest and rodent control company will also work with the client offering practical advice and measures that the client can implement in order to keep the problem to a minimum.

Feel free to call Kubassek Pest Control, your local trusted source for Rodent Control in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph and Brantford area.